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You've reached the journal of amergina!

Who am I? Well, I'm a writer. By day, I write technical manuals for a software firm, and by night I write fiction. I tend to concentrate on various forms of fantasy and science fiction. I'm also an Associate Editor at Entangled Publishing.

When I'm not writing or editing, I'm playing in the garden.

I enjoy cooking without recipes. I love all things coffee. I'm both a stay-at-home type of person and an international traveler. I'm an enigma wrapped in bacon and powered by java.

In LJ-land, I'm one of the moderators of christianity and ljbreviary. If you need to contact me in regard to those communities, please do so here.


Stuff and things

It's been a while, hasn't it?

So, news. I have a new day job! Actually, I've had it since the last week of March. I got the verbal offer two days after I was laid off at the old day job.

The new day job is fabulous. Nice people. Good work (and lots of it). Great part of town.

I'm also editing for an e-publisher. That's been fun!

And somewhere in there, I'm still writing.

I sold a short story to Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power, Intrigue, and Violence. It's a contemporary fantasy story that has all of those things. No idea of the pub date yet.

In other news, I've furthered a crush on an actor who is four years younger than my father. Which sounds bad, except that my crush is on said actor as he was 25-ish years ago. So, from about when he was my age now. (Or "Ann's been watching old Brit TV mysteries again.")

I wonder how long it'll be before I update again?

Feeling a little French tonight...

Drinking Joie de Vivre tea out of a Fleur-de-lis demitasse cup.

State of the Writing

-- I'm still querying for The Tyras Key. I should query more. Lots more. But I'm still convinced my query letter is crap.

-- Part One of Duty (Aka The-Peradon-Novel-That-Was-Supposed-To-Be-a-Short-Story-But-Is-Now-89K Long) is done. Part Two is my NaNoWriMo project. God help me.

-- Close Quarter (Aka, the naughty naughty book) is on the back burner to finish in December. I've got about 15-20 more K to go. I have the end in my head.

-- I have started jotting down notes for a novel that's probably going to turn into something along the lines of a historical fantasy (a la Guy Gavriel Kay, but not as beautifully or as mind-shatteringly written because, well, I'm no GKK!) based on the 100 Years War time period. But in another world, with some magic, because I want to play with the timing of things (like bringing in a Joan of Arc figure much earlier).

-- Hell or High Water (aka, the Pittsburgh UF that has no romance) is still on the back burner, too. I'll probably pick that up after Duty and Close Quarter are done.

I subbed a short story to an anthology. Waiting to hear back on that.

And that piece of fan fiction I wrote is still lurking there on my desktop. Lurk lurk lurk.


St. Crispin's Day addendum

No fic tonight. Took too much time to watch Henry V. (Lots of interruptions. Mostly of the meowing furry kind.)

But my dear friend annesible pointed me to this:

The Henry V Drinking Game.

*cough* *laugh* I do tend to take more than one drink when Montjoy flounces in, though.

(And I really need more Henry V icons. Where'd I put my spare time?)

Addendum to the addendum: I noticed two new things in this watching:

1) The Swan of the House of Lancaster is hanging from Henry's collar of state.

2) Montjoy is wearing his black chaperon over his shoulder in the last scenes. That's the black band across the front of his tabard. It's a very period way of wearing the hat when you're not wearing it on your head.

Addendum to the addendum's addendum... I think I might have actually figured the chaperon thing out before...

St. Crispin's Day

My plans for the evening:

And maybe posting a fic. No promises on that, though.

You know...

I really should have searched for Henry V t-shirts before today. Alas, I don't think the I <3 Henry V shirt will make it to me by October 25.

But tomorrow is my local SCA group's annual Agincourt event, so I'll manage.

A little retro man-candy

Completely work-safe. It's Tyrone Power in a tuxedo.

Not that I have a type, or anything.

Sharp dressed manCollapse )

Word Candy Wednesday

The golden-white fire licked over his fingers,
joining a sapphire flame that rolled up
from his skin.
He had not played with fire like this for years.

From my novel The Tyras Key.

Six Sentence Sunday

From my work in progress, Duty to the Crown.

A laugh, then his grandfather, with bright eyes too much like his own, studied him again. "What are the obstacles to your survival?"

"The machinations of the court and Morlorac." He pushed off the building. "And I may have started a feud with the Diamond school."

"May have?" The cadence of his grandfather's voice carried amusement, and something that tightened every muscle in Peradon's back--dark excitement and the desire for blood.

Posted as part of Six Sentence Sunday.